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The Story of Yemaya: Your Journey to becoming a Goddess!

Who is Yemaya?

Yemaya is known as the Ocean Mother Goddess in Afro-Caribbean religions practiced throughout the world. She was carried into the New World by enslaved Africans, with roots in the Yoruba religion.

Yemaya has a gentle, nurturing but fierce energy often related to bodies of water and the moon. As the "Mother of All," she is believed to aid in the areas of fertility, self-love and all types of healing. This does not mean that she can be taken lightly. If you cross her, or hurt one of her children, she can manifest as a powerful tidal wave of rage. 

She is the most nurturing of the Orishas, and it’s believed that all of life comes from her deep nourishing waters. She’s associated with the colors blue and white, as well as pearls, cowrie shells and doves.

Depending on what part of the world you’re from, Yemaya’s attributes, origin stories and name spelling may vary because her story was passed on through oral traditions. 

Depicted as a woman of color, Yemaya radiantly rises from the sea, her beautiful skin glistening under the moon. She presides over her realm with motherly intelligence, beauty and grace. The cowrie shells represent her abundant, flowing wealth. 

Why is it Important to have a Connection with your Culture?

Everyone has a right to know where they come from. The unique story of ‘Who We Are’ comes from our family history people and tradition. When you understand your history it helps you to build your personal growth and to connect with others. 

Disconnection from your cultural heritage can make you question who you really are and your place in the world. As a result you may feel lost isolated from your community. Connecting with your culture can have a positive impact on your sense of belonging and identity causing an overall improvement in your mental health. 

We are cultural beings!  We gain this culture from our family and the wider society, who influence the way we see ourselves. As women of color we are sometimes made to assimilate into the dominant culture of the western world.

Living in a society that rejects and disrespects your culture can have a negative impact on your life.

Ebony and Ivory

At Ebony and Ivory, we celebrate your culture. As the name implies, Ebony and Ivory revels in every skin shade along the spectrum of the lightest to the darkest.  We incorporate cultural symbols within our lingerie to empower women to remember where they come from and to connect with their cultural heritage. 

In so doing, women would have a renewed level of confidence to face challenges in their lives. Overcoming with grace and beauty just like Yemaya! 

Just like Yemaya, you exist outside of the narrow boxes of the society’s classification. Despite your race or geographical location you maintain a powerful presence. 

Just like Yemaya you radiantly rise from a sea of self-doubt and unworthiness, with your beautiful skin glistening. 

You can rule over your realm like the goddess you are!

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