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How our lingerie size charts works

At Ebony & Ivory, you will not be a size Large, you will be the size of a large country.

This is a very unique approach to lingerie sizing, with the best of intentions. It is public knowledge that sizing is based on vanity rather than reality and we didn’t want to play this game anymore.
We wanted a new name for bra and underwear sizes, being a Small or a Medium wasn’t enough to describe a single source of female power. What could be used to empower a woman to fill the room with her strength, her entire body and mind? And then the decision was made, At Ebony & Ivory, you will not only be a size Large, you will be the size of a large country.

For bra sizes, your bust and under-bust measurements will be matched with the sizes of African countries.

For panties, your hip and waist measurements will be compared to the Caribbean Islands. If you’ve never measured yourself before, you can follow the guide on our site today.

At Ebony & Ivory, we encourage women to feel confident with the body they’re in. Enjoy getting to know your body and then have a laugh when finding out which country we’ve compared you to.


Want to keep the conversation going? Respond to the following question in the comment section below;

When is the last time the standard size chart (S, M, L) made you feel confused or uncomfortable?

Check out our size chart here

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