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Our Signatures Styles at Ebony & Ivory

We are proud to introduce our signature women's lingerie styles at Ebony & Ivory. Some days you’re feeling like revealing, while the next day you know to cover up. We understand that womxn today are well-rounded individuals in need of options in their lingerie drawer. This new normal has been reflected in a variety of modesty levels so you’re ready for a variety of days. 

Bamboo and modal are our lingerie fabrics of choice for the entire range of styles at Ebony & Ivory. We’ve chosen these materials because both are more breathable and more moisture-wicking than any weave of cotton. They’re also sensationally soft and antibacterial, important features when choosing the fabric with the closest relationship to your precious skin. 

We’re not going to lie; with an ode to the beauty of Afro-Caribbean culture, our prints aren’t shy. For our first collection, we are appreciating Adinkra symbolism of Africa, the Graviola fruit of the Caribbean, and the divine cowry shell once used as currency in Africa. If your life has been immersed in Afro culture, then we hope you can feel comforted by the familiarity of our chosen imagery in your lingerie. If you’re new to this flavour of symbolism, we hope you can appreciate a culture that is unlike your own.


  • Freeing Feeling Set
    • Freeing Feeling Bralette
    • Freeing Feeling Tanga

  • The Essential Set
    • The Essential Bra
    • The Essential Bikini

  • Full Endurance Set
    • Full Endurance Bra
    • Full Endurane Hipster



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