At Ebony and Ivory, we have one distinct goal in mind: To serve women of all colours while promoting inclusivity through Afro-Caribbean inspired womxn's lingerie designs.
That solitary focus is reflected in every aspect of our company's operation, as our original designs bring representation to the fashion industry by showcasing the beauty of Afro-Caribbean prints.  


We are Kristel and Fanta. We met each other and became friends in Toronto Canada, 2012. 

We soon realized that we both had a passion for attractive Afro-Caribbean inspired prints as well as lingerie. This is how the idea to combine the two, was born.

After searching for this special type of lingerie, to no avail, we recognized that there was a dire need to craft a new type of lingerie. The inspiration for starting Ebony & Ivory came from a desire to have underwear that embodies the boldness and beauty of Afro-Caribbean culture.

As women with African and Caribbean heritage, it’s important for us to see ourselves adequately represented in the lingerie space. After a few years of dialogue and careful planning, we finally decided to launch Ebony and Ivory in 2021.


Our vision goes way beyond sexy and visually appealing lingerie. We want to create a better every day experience for all women. We seek to help women understand their worth with our culturally infused array of patterns. This undertaking is rooted in our belief that all women should love their bodies.

All women should be unapologetically themselves! By ensuring that our lingerie is produced with materials of superior quality including bamboo and modal, and meticulous style, we guarantee that every piece is fit for a goddess. Our designs showcase the strength, beauty and vibrant culture of the women who wear them.

We are shifting the paradigm of the traditional lingerie industry by providing an opportunity for women of all colors to create their own stories.   


Representation & Equality: Our products derive from the lack of representation in the lingerie industry.
We continue to value people, products, content, and platforms that speak for minorities and underrepresented folks.

Body Positivity: We value inclusivity, especially in an industry that is so up-close and personal with women's bodies. We know and understand that it is our duty to represent bodies of all shapes, sizes, and abilities.

Uniqueness & Storytelling: All women, particularly women of colour, have a story to tell. We encourage sharing and owning your story.

Advocacy: As a brand representing women of all colours, we understand we have a responsibility to be allies and advocates for the women we sell to, speak to, and connect with every day.