Bra Style Guide - What's your Fit?

What are you up to most of these days?

Lounging with loved ones, having low impact on the body
Thriving in a work/study routine, sitting at a desk for many hours a day
Keeping active, enjoying spending the day moving from one activity to the next

How would you describe your personal style?

Loose, relaxed, ready for a hangout
Professional, classy, unafraid of a tight fit
The athletic look, all the way

When looking at your bra drawer, what do you think is missing?

I’ve got plenty of well-engineered bras that make my breasts perfectly perky, I’m missing a bra that I can wear when it’s time to let my body relax
Straps are stretched out, underwires are popping out of their casings, I’m missing strength in my everyday bras
I’m about to head out on a hike with friends and I’ve got nothing to wear, I’m missing a sporty bra to wear on adventure days

How much coverage do you need from your bra?

Not much
A modest amount
Cover me up

How much support do you need from your bra?

Not much
Hold me up
A modest amount