Bra Glossary

We think you deserve to know exactly what’s going on, here are the facts about each bra style available at Ebony & Ivory

Freeing Feeling Bralette

  • Minimal coverage
  • Triangle shaped front
  • Adjustable straps
  • Back closure

The Essential Bra

  • Medium level coverage
  • Medium level support
  • Moulded breasts (no underwire
  • Adjustable straps
  • Back closure

Full Endurance Bra

  • Highest level of coverage
  • Highest level of support
  • Soft elastic under the bust
  • Wide criss-cross straps

Pantie Glossary

Here are the facts about our three signature pantie styles at Ebony & Ivory

Freeing Feeling Tanga

  • Medium rise
  • Lowest level of coverage
  • Center back seam
  • Narrow side straps

The Essential Bikini

  • High rise
  • Medium level coverage
  • Minimal design for ultimate comfort

Full Endurance Hipster

  • Between medium and high rise
  • Highest level of coverage
  • Soft elastic around the waist